Monday, February 22, 2010

Does plucking with tweezers eventually stop hair growth?

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Just wanted to ask does plucking with tweezers eventually stop the hair growing in that area. Thought maybe it did because you pulling out the root.

Thanks for your repliesDoes plucking with tweezers eventually stop hair growth?
Well I heavily plucked my eyebrows during the eighty's and they are much more sparse now.


They don't grow back I'm afraid, since posting this I ask 3 friends and they all admitted their eyebrows are a lot thinner since plucking.Does plucking with tweezers eventually stop hair growth?
it would take years and years of plucking the specific hairs for it to work as your eyebrows are what are refered to as ';terminal'; hairs which means its the naturally darker and thicker hairs which have deeper roots. other terminal hair areas are your underarms, bikini area and the hair on your head.

the hair will eventually stop growing but before that the hair will become weaker and easier to pull out. it happens the same with waxing.

you can now get a cream which will stop the hair growing back by destroying the part of the hair folicle which produces the protein to produce the hair (as far as i know you can only get it if you are a registered beauty therapist however). its expensive (about 拢40 a tube) to treat large areas as you have to use it after each time you pluck / wax and it can take 7 treatments or more(1 tube does 1 set of legs as an idea of how far it goes) and isnt painless but it beats paying for lazer removal.
Surprisingly no it doesnt, think about eyebrows it doesnt then, but if you were to wax it would make the hairs grow back thinner and then you would hardly see them, the best way to get rid of hair for good is lasor surgery.
In my experience, some of the hairs stop growing but not all of them. like my eyebrows for example, before I started tweezing i had much more hair than I get now when it grows out. but some hair still grows back.
Yes, it happened to me!

I had thick eyebrows which I plucked constantly between the ages of 18 and 24.

Since then I pluck the occasional hair a couple of times a year!!
No the hair will just keep growing back even if you pull out the root. the only way for permant hair removal is by laser treatment!
Nope i'm afraid not. Would be good if it did. The only way discovered at the moment for permanant hair removal is by laser. The hairs will take longer to grow back though! which is a good thing

no, it's just a temporary hair removal.
My mother used to pluck her eyebrows an excessive amount, and now they haven't grown back, so she's just left with extremely thin eyebrows... hah ;)
No, I wish it did though. It keeps growing just as it did before (but it doesn't come in thicker or anything).

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