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How can i stop hair growth?

other than laser and creams...How can i stop hair growth?
UNFORTUNATELY there is no way to stop hair from growing other than laser, but even that is not GUARNTEED, I would try waxing, the more you wax the less the hair grows......

HAPPY WAXING!!How can i stop hair growth?
you can get it waxed or shaved or creamed or plucked but other than that there is no way
well, do u mean u want it to stop growing so itll be that length forever, or u wanna be bald? if u wanna be bald then smoke cigars and ciggerettes,if u want it to stop growing im pretty sure thats psyically impossible
Where is the hair that you're trying to stop it from growing?

I can help if you can be more specific.

Stopping hair growth?

What can make your hair grow slower are even stop it so i can prevent itStopping hair growth?
There is no such things as stopping hair growth. The only thing you can do is to trim it. Have you've tried going short? Maybe the slowest way for you to slow down your hair growth is to cut it short. I mean you're lucky to have hair that grows fast. Many girls would want that.

For me, my hair grow very slow and I try to be patient with it, but I know that it will probably not reach my waist or butt because it grows and usually stop growing when it gets to my shoulder. I have been trying to look for products to make my hair grow thicker and longer, but I don't think there is such a thing. I may not know you, but you should be glad to have what you have. I'm pretty sure you are but know that sometimes it gets in the way huh? That's understandable. So yeah, just get a nice short cut that you like and think will match you like every so often or when you think you should.Stopping hair growth?
Trimming it once a week. You can't make your hair stop growing. tee hee!
um i think its just natural because it still grows after were dead right so its just thre if your like me and have fast growing hair were stuck we just have to get it cut more often
laser hair removal
Besides laser hair removal and electrolysis, Vaniqa is the only product that I know of that will help achieve this. Here is a description:

VANIQA is the first and only prescription cream clinically proven to reduce the growth of unwanted facial hair in women. VANIQA (eflornithine HCl) Cream, 13.9% does not remove hair or replace your current hair removal method. Instead, VANIQA complements it by reducing hair growth. With consistent use twice a day, you should be spending less time removing facial hair.

How can i stop hair growth?

when i was little my dad made fun of my hair that came down and looked like side burns he made fun of it so much i shaved it and im sick of shaving it is there any cream that will keep it off for good or atleast a few month and waxs does not work on it? please helpHow can i stop hair growth?

there are afew things you can do

but they are expensive

electrolosis could work

its when they use light to destroy the entire hair folicle so that no hair will grow back again

its exxy

like $100 a treatment maybe

and youll need about 6 -10 for it to be completely gone

but on the plus side it doesnt grow back

its just an estimate though i may be wrong in the price and stuff

go to a beauty salon and ask about it

its the best thing for youHow can i stop hair growth?
i waxed the side of mine and it hurt soooooo bad. my mom said that it falls out eventually so stop and it will stop. my hair doesnt grow that much anymore

I dont think theres a cream or anything but im sure you can get it lazerd in that area it can stop.

if anyone has time answer mine, please.;鈥?/a>
you cant stop hair growth unless you can make pigs fly
be patient, grow it out, and it won't look like sideburns anymore.
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  • Is There Anything That Can STOP Hair Growth On The Head?

    I started losing my hair at a young age, around 20, and became accustomed to having a shaved head. Instesd of shaving my head every week, and I don't want to be bothered with hair re-growing stuff; I wanted to know if there is anything that can be done out there to stop the hairs from growing?Is There Anything That Can STOP Hair Growth On The Head?

    Stop hair growth?

    i have hair in places i really dont want it.. its really embarassing

    and i dont know how to get rid of it.. laser hair removal is so expencive and i just cant afford it... is there any way i can at least make the hair grow slower or thinnerStop hair growth?
    Waxing really helps hair grow in slower and thinner, it completely takes out the hair so it will take longer to grow back in, and when it does grow back in, it won't be as thick. Waxing does hurt a bit, but the results are definitely worth it. You can get it done professionally, or just buy an at-home kit from the store and do it yourself.Stop hair growth?
    you need to look into electrolysis
    get it waxed it will grow in less the more you do it!
    hair removal cream
    waxing lasts longer ! goodluck

    Stop hair growth?

    Im sick of shaving my head and want to stop my hair growth on my head...anyone know how without using a cream or whatever all the time and something that would work as a one off?Stop hair growth?
    if you want your head hair gone that is tough, you'll need to laser it for best results expect like 12-14 treatments that would probably end of costing 1000-2000 dollars but you won't be shaving as much.Stop hair growth?
    you cant just stop hair growth..its natural
    get cancer?

    sorry, your horrible question deserved a horrible answer.

    Olive oil stops hair growth?

    Do you have olive oil?

    Do you have hair?................stupidOlive oil stops hair growth?
    Lotta hair in Greece.Olive oil stops hair growth?
    no it actually helps to strengthen your hairs and grow them well
    No my good friend.Alma oil is best known in India.No one oil or product

    is best on it's own it is the blend of more than one.Use olive oil,jasmin oil or mustard oil with chameli oil and some grape seed oil if you can find.The most important is diet.Eat as much fruit and salads,drink plenty fresh water,food,fresh air and no stress what so ever.Stress is the biggest problem.Soak 7 almonds over night and drink that water in the morning and peel the skin and chew it very very slowly.Drink milk with this warm with honey.Twice a week take some yogurt add 2 spoons of lemon juice add 1 spoon of honey ,put on the head and leave it 20 minutes and wash.Every time u wash add some lemon juice or vinegar to rinse.You can take multi vitamins and b complex and eat bananas,nuts like sun flower,pine,wall nuts and linseed etc which are so good.but remember it is the diet and nothing else.Do not use very strong shampoo or gel Do not use very hot water and do not rub so hard when wet,Twice a week put 1 spoon of butter or ghee on the scalp and leave it on or wash after one hour.

    So this will work.
    no..!!! its not dat.... it conditions your hair and scalp and repairs damage.....

    if its not working for you go for some almond oil or try using sesame oil use protein shampoo eat protein rich food.....

    ALL d Best...!! :-D
    No. It actually conditions your scalp, which leads to increased hair growth by keeping the follicles healthy.